TimeLord, ProDJ and MSEXLord Support

Before attempting to contact the developer, please review the following support material:

If your problem is not covered in the above linked material, you may attempt to contact the developer through the Contact page.

If your problem involves grandMA2, please visit the MA2 forum at http://www.ma-share.net/

Note: If you contact support and your problem is covered in the above support material, your support request might not be answered!

You may also have luck finding quick answers from users on Face Book.

HTTPLord Support

Please first consult the manual and example files included in the download.
Support for HTML/CCS/Javascript cannot be offered, you should consult a web developer or an online tutorial program in web page creation, in conjunction with the example html files provided.

If you require any custom development services, or technical support for HTTPLord, please use the Contact page.

BCF4MA2 Support

BCF4MA2 is fairly well documented so is not supported by email.
Technical support can only be offered for BCF4MA2 in return for a fee.