list_bullet.png  MSexLord is your very own CITP-MSEX TV station.  Now any device supporting CITP-MSEX video can have 12 high quality, high resolution content streamed on demand.



MSexLord streaming high-resolution MA3D and live video capture into MA2.

list_bullet.png  MSexLord (short for Multimedia Streaming EXtension - Lord) has a high speed dynamic compression engine, offering the best quality possible CITP video, allowing up to 12 streams of 30FPS video at resolutions of 720x576 and beyond.  


MSexLord streaming multiple live video and application windows sources.

list_bullet.png  MSexLord works in conjunction with TimeLord to provide you with useful information directly on the console whilst editing or playing back time code.  The output time code, wave form, cue list and video output can be displayed simultaneously on any console in the network.


TimeLord Jr. (on the left) running some time code content on an MA2 Light.

list_bullet.png  Maybe you’ve got bad sightlines, but have cameras backstage or in the stage wings, maybe you have infra-red or FLIR cameras to see cast positioning on stage during blackout, maybe you have stage automation software that displays the status of your chain motors or fly systems, maybe you have multiple feeds from TV control room, or simply want some light entertainment (see what I did there?).

list_bullet.png We can also stream your favourite lighting visualizer window into the console, or nearly any window visible on your PC. We can also take live streams from some IP cameras and other streamed sources. Heck, you could get an auto-cue feed from the prompters via video capture, and the program stream from the OB van – and broadcast it throughout the entire network for every station, eliminating the clutter of multiple preview monitors around your workstation.

list_bullet.png MSexLord is included with the latest version of TimeLord, and can be run without TimeLord though will require a TimeLord license.

For more information, please see the documentation.