list_bullet.png Integrating MA Lighting Technologies MA2 systems in an club or commercial installation environment can be challenging, so HTTPLord provides a way to control your MA2 installation via HTTP.

HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) is most commonly used to serve html web pages from websites like Google to web-browser clients like Chrome or Firefox, on PC's, tablets and mobile phones. A "Mobile Device Example" is included, and was used in a world first - controlling the color of LED strips on an MA2 in Australia from Germany, about 15,000km away.

colourpicker.jpgJavaScript Colour Picker on a web page controlling LED Strips

list_bullet.png For the professional installers in the architectural lighting sector, many automation controllers like Crestron(C) and AMX(c) products can be programmed to make HTTP requests also. HTTPLord connects to your MA2 installation via MA2- Link and then becomes a web server which can trigger any MA2 command, and also provide feedback, via a web page.

Basic example web pages can be easily modified.

Token replacement based fixture list is easily modified

list_bullet.png A powerful system of replaceable html tokens is used to allow the display of feedback, and creation of lists with custom styles.

This allows the installation designer or maintainer to create customised web pages (with clients logo and direct buttons for example) that can be used to trigger events on the MA2 or display some customisable feedback to the operator or control system.

httplord_token_example.jpgMA2 show variables used as replacement tokens in this example

list_bullet.png HTTPLord is similar to what web designers would call a CGI, though it is also a basic integrated web server. It can serve up any type of file or html based content also. It is small and fast, and does not have a graphical user interface, instead runs in the background without user intention required.

httplord_console.jpgHTTPLord Web Server console.